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Dedicated & Determined Before & After
Here at Musclez N Curvez our main priority is to help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of what fitness level you happen to be. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our customized workouts guided by a certified master trainer will provide you with the workouts and tools to help you conquer your goals.
Cardio boxing to rev that heart rate while chiseling body and burning calories.  
A whole body workout to increase your metabolism for an intense burn!
A personal 1-on-1 training experience, but in a group setting.
We are top quality & certified, tailoring each workout to your fitness level.
April 2018 Results (All Clients) Achieve Your Goals
2 Personal Trainers
13 Total Body Fat Reduction (%)
32 Total Weight Loss (lbs)
12 Size Reduction (inches)
Your Trainer Treshana
Fuel Your Body

What you eat is just as important as what supplement you choose for you to achieve your health and wellness goal. We supply top of the line products with as much healthy vitamins minerals and  nutrients to help fuel and rejuvenate the body. With these products it will stimulate your body, release toxins, increase protein, increase energy and revive you while keeping you fuller through out the day with increased energy.

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  • Do you provide a meal plan?

    Yes, for an additional cost we provide a meal plan specific to your body’s needs.  Every meal plan is different depending on your goals.

  • Do you offer trial classes?

    We offer a free trial class every Wednesday from 7 to 8pm.  For our full schedule of classes, click here.

  • Testimonials
    • Personal Training, think it comes easy?  Think again!  Just ask Barbara.  Barbara has put in the time, effort, sweat and enduring pain to create the results she see is seeing…
      Personal Training: Dedication and Hard work Pays off
    • Not only did I reach my fitness goal, I gained confidence, and believe that anything I put my mind to I can accomplish.  I highly recommend Musclez N Curvez.
      Elisa Dominguez
    • I hired Musclez N Curvez to assist me in reaching my health goals.  I shed lbs, built lean muscle mass and maintain optimal health, all at the same time.
      Kevin G.